Kidsburgh Mental Health Guide: How can your school help you and your kids?

In Kidsburgh’s recent survey of Pittsburgh-area educators, we asked: What do you wish parents knew about mental health? This simple response said it all: I want them to know that […]

Kidsburgh Mental Health Guide: What do we mean when we talk about kids’ mental health?

Parents get offered lots of advice on how to raise physically healthy kids. Books, websites, friends, relatives — they all tell us about feeding babies and helping them sleep well. […]

Kidsburgh Mental Health Guide: What are warning signs of mental health difficulties in kids?

Kids are constantly changing and growing. But when a child’s behavior changes in ways that surprise or worry us, parents may wonder whether they’re seeing a bumpy-but-typical transition or a […]

Kidsburgh Mental Health Guide: Where parents can access community services

In a recent Kidsburgh survey of 730 Pittsburgh-area parents, one-third said they have sought mental health treatment for their kids.  But while 80 percent of parents told us they were […]

From toddlers to teens: How to help your kids get a good night’s sleep

“Sleep is like a bank account — you only have so much to withdraw.”

What you should know about cyberbullying: It’s on the rise amid the pandemic.

Kids are almost always one step ahead of their parents in terms of technology.

Pittsburgh kids fight the stigma of mental health with a powerful peer-to-peer program

Through the Stand Together Against the Stigma program, students and teachers are seeing the culture of their schools change,

Just breathe! Kids ease their anxiety as families practice mindfulness

From kindergarten kids to professional athletes, mindfulness has never been more mainstream. With good reason.

Look to Fred Rogers for help on talking to kids about death, addiction, cancer — and even a pandemic

How to talk to your kids about big issues? “Everything Fred did was built on the idea that we can make what is mentionable, manageable.”

Summer plans falling apart? Dr. G says it’s time to get creative

“Ask your kids to become your program directors.”

Here’s the secret to happy, successful kids. Pittsburgh experts weight in.

The ability to manage emotions is the building block for all other aspects of life and it’s a learned skill.

Anchorpoint fundraiser featured Pittsburgh personalities to help families meet pandemic counseling costs. It was a big success.

“Oftentimes cost is a major barrier to mental health services.”

Overwhelmed? 6 ways parents can get relief from coronavirus anxiety 

“We have people around us who depend on us. There are many more demands than we normally face, and that can be stressful.”

Take a fascinating tour of the teenage brain with Pittsburgh researcher Dr. Beatriz Luna

“Adolescence is not a disease. It’s an amazing time of life that we have to understand so we can make it the best possible,”

Kidsburgh launches new series with its Mental Health Survey report

We set a goal this year to raise awareness of mental health issues.