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Sing, giggle, dance: Larry Berger offers his Top 10 song picks for Pittsburgh kids

Larry Berger
Kidsburgh Staff
July14/ 2017

Every weekend, Larry Berger is the one responsible for making kids giggle, dance, and laugh with his silly music playlist.

The executive director and host of “The Saturday Light Brigade,” a national award-winning public radio program, has a knack for reaching a multi-generational audience. The 6-hour radio show includes live calls from kids and parents, quizzes and performances. One big part of the program’s success over the past 39 years — it’s one of the longest running public radio programs in the country — has been the lineup of special songs that kids and parents can enjoy together.

It was a difficult job to limit his picks to such a small number, but here are Larry Berger’s Top 10 favorite songs for kids:

“Be My Brontosaurus Baby” by Hugh Moffatt (The Life of a Minor Poet) — A folk singer’s proposal to his Jurassic partner.

“Quavi, Quavi” by Taj Mahal (Shake Sugaree) — An African folk song that’s fun to dance to.Larry Berger top 10

“What I Want Is A Proper Cup Of Coffee by Trout Fishing In America” (from the album Big Trouble) — A modern version of a 1926 sing-along song with terrific tongue twisters

“Riddle & Rhyme by The Okee Dokee Brothers” (Through The Woods) — One of many amazing songs from three Grammy-nominated albums.

“Lemonade” by Justin Roberts (Lemonade) — Former teacher turned performer singing about this summertime beverage.

“Big Rock Candy Mountain” by The Persuasions (Good Ship Lollipop) — A new take on a classic folk song by legendary acappella group.

“Little Potato” by Metamora (Metamora) — One of our most requested songs for households with new babies.Larry Berger top 10

“The Tennessee Stud” by Doc Watson (Songs for Little Pickers) — A bluegrass classic everyone can enjoy.

“The Three Bears” by Gary Rosen (Putumayo Presents Animal Playground) — A jazz version of the classic story in jazz.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8” by Elizabeth Mitchell (Little Seed: Songs for Children By Woody Guthrie) — One of many songs written by Woody Guthrie for his own children.Larry Berger top 10

“Still the Same Me” by Sweet Honey In The Rock (Still The Same Me) — A song about growing up from an internationally acclaimed female African-American a cappella group.

You can hear these songs and more by tuning into “The Saturday Light Brigade” on Saturday mornings from 6 a.m. to noon at 88.3 WRCT and other network stations listed at slbradio.org.

Kidsburgh Staff