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Remake Learning Playbook: Network of educators share best practices

October30/ 2015

A new report from Remake Learning provides a how-to guide for replicating some of the success stories of western Pennsylvania school districts leading the way in education technology.

Amy Lobo writes in The Hechinger Report that a group of visitors to the Avonworth School District were wowed on Monday when they saw the “draw-bot” creations of kindergarten students. Lobo writes that several schools in the area work with community partners, like The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, to create engaging, high-tech lessons for students.

The report released Monday, the Remake Learning Playbook (produced by Remake Learning, a network of schools, colleges, museums, libraries, philanthropies and other community groups in the greater Pittsburgh area) gives a blueprint for recreating what’s happening in western Pennsylvania school districts, according to the Hechinger article.

As part of the League of Innovative Schools, the Avonworth School District seeks to share its best practices with other districts. So innovations that worked in one school district may work for others.

One of the initiatives highlighted in the Remake Learning Playbook is the Kickstarting Making project, which seeks to turn students into makers by integrating unique, hands-on learning ideas into schools. Ten diverse schools in the Pittsburgh region were chosen to partner with the Children’s Museum through June 2016. These schools will raise funds for their making projects in the PghKidsMake section of Kickstarter.

The projects in the Kickstarting Making program include a media lab and machine shop, an exploration of food justice issues, and an outdoor maker space with butterfly and community food gardens.

Read the whole article over at The Hechinger Report.

Featured image by Larry Rippel