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Read me a story? Write me a story! 2018 PBS KIDS Writers Contest winners

Sally Quinn
June04/ 2018

Time to pop a bottle of root beer and toast the winners of the 2018 PBS KIDS Writers Contest.

These books for kids, written and illustrated by kids, are worthy of acclaim for their storytelling skills, charming drawings and imaginative ideas.

Kids in grades K-5 were invited to write an original story and produce at least five corresponding illustrations, including collages, photographs or other media.

Some stories delve into Hollywood-level fantasy, like “Dino Ocean Adventure: Prehistoric Land Reptiles Meet Marine Life” and “Fred the Friendly Dragon.”

Others offer an inspirational lesson. In “No Limits,” for example, a young girl has dreams of joining an NBA team.

In “The Day All the Coffee Ran Out,” readers witness what happens when a happy school is full of grumpy, caffeine-deprived teachers. A tragedy to which we can all relate!

Four stories in each grade level received awards. Three more stories with STEM lessons – like “Earth Found  Place To Live!” – won awards, too.

The idea behind the effort is to promote children’s literacy skills through hands-on activities. There are lots of resources on the WQED website to continue to encourage kids to write stories. Download cool activity sheets and graphic organizers for extra fun.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting (WVPB), PBS 39 (WLVT) and WPSU in State College, partnered with WQED for this year’s contest.  The winning stories, narrated by the writers, will be broadcast on iQKidsRadio.org and featured on Saturday Light Brigade (SLB) Radio throughout the summer.

But why wait? Read or listen to the winning stories with your kids as a jumping point for their own storytelling. Warning: Giggling – and big ideas – may occur.

This story, “The Smallest Star,” won First Place in the fourth-grade category.

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Sally Quinn

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