Project FUEL teams with Kidsburgh to present 10 life lessons to a global community

Photo: Kidsburgh director Linda Krynski.

“When you learn, you become a star,” says Deepak Ramola. “But when you teach, you become a constellation.”

Ramola, the founder of Project FUEL, understands that everyone has the capacity to be a constellation. Everyone has a life lesson to pass on.

The mission of his organization–FUEL stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson– is to collect and share those life lessons from all over the world. The lessons are documented, thought about, then developed into videos to complete the learning experience. The goal is to collect 1 million life lessons.

Deepak Ramola

The newest batch of life lessons comes from Pittsburgh. Ramola asked Kidsburgh readers to share a life lesson they experienced that affected or even changed their life. Ramola was impressed with the range of participants and subject matter.

“Life lessons harvested from the city of Pittsburgh underline the greatest cure for the chaos of COVID 19 — hope,” he says. “I am amazed that Kidsburgh contributions ranged from an 8-year-old sharing what life has taught her about happiness, along with a 73-year-old reminiscing about learnings from her childhood.”

Ten of the life lessons were turned into videos by Project FUEL. Each week, Kidsburgh will post one of these life lessons. The videos will be shared worldwide on the Project FUEL website.

“Collectively, these stories highlight that we are more alike than unalike,” Ramola says. “And that, if we are indeed willing to learn from each other, then the geographies start to blur. I cannot wait to pass these thought-provoking life stories onto a global community.”

In this Week 1 episode, Kidsburgh director Linda Krynski shares her life lesson of turning a childhood fear into a strength as she pursued a teaching career.