Nominate your teacher to the Pittsburgh Pirates All Stars

Teachers have had some of the most difficult jobs, and the Pittsburgh Pirates in partnership with the Grable Foundation want to recognize teachers.

Pirates President Travis Williams says, “As a father of six, I can tell you that having seen some of the homeschooling that’s happening now in concert with the virtual schooling, I can tell you that they are the most underappreciated human beings on the earth.”

Williams wants to celebrate teachers at the ballpark, and it starts with nominating teachers by April 9th.

You can nominate any teacher who’s positively impacted kids in Pre-K through 12th grade in any of the counties highlighted, in Western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.  Eighteen winning teachers will get a $1,000 classroom grant, a personalized Pirates jersey, and game tickets.

In addition to the surprise Zoom celebration with their student, they’ll be on the video board during games, and we’ll be recognizing them here on KDKA News.

“We’re hopeful that this grant, as well as other recognition, not only brings attention to what they’re doing and recognizes them for the great service but also helps them in some small part to be able to continue to further pursue those things that make them exceptional,” Williams says.

Watch KDKA News starting in May when we feature the winning teachers. Here’s the link to nominate your favorite teacher.