Maker Monday

Maker Monday: Cardboard Tube Penguins

If Pittsburgh has an official bird, we’d have to give it up to the penguin.

Your favorite penguin might be found at the National Aviary or the Pittsburgh Zoo. But many kids prefer the penguins that zip along the ice at the PPG Paints Arena.

You can give a little love to one of those penguins — or make a whole flock — with this fun penguin craft from Pat Catan’s Arts & Crafts Stores.penguins


Cardboard tubes
Chalkboard paper
White cardstock
Orange felt
Wiggle eyes
Glue stick or school glue

1. Cover the outside of the cardboard tube with white cardstock and glue into place.penguin

2. Flatten one end of the tube and cut it to make a rounded edge. On that end of the tube, cut a slit 1/4 inch down on both sides, along the crease.penguin

3. Cut the head and flippers in one piece from the chalkboard paper. The bottom edge should be about 4 to  5 inches wide.penguin

4. Curl the flippers and slide the piece into position in the slits.penguin

5. Cut out the feet and a triangle for the beak using the orange felt.penguin

6. Glue in place, using the photo as a reference. Glue on the wiggle eyes.

Pat Catan’s offers free Make It and Take It crafts every Saturday. Check out the website for the weekly lineup.

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