• Today is: Saturday, August 8, 2020

Meet the teddy bear (and silly wardrobe) that brings smiles to the neighborhood

One day it appears as Teddy dressed for golf with clubs and a tee flag. The next day it’s Tedina dressed in a gown and holding flowers. Another day it’s relaxing, reading the paper and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Since April Fool’s Day when the oversized stuffed animal debuted, this bear has graced the front porch or yard of its Oakland home in different dress and settings, making passersby smile.

“Basically, I’m changing Teddy/Tedina’s outfits and scenes every day,” says creator Caddy Durkin Harper, who lives with her husband John on Tennyson Avenue in Schenley Farms.

“I have time, a house full of props, and a vivid imagination — actually, a silly imagination,” says Harper. “And my husband, John, helps with the props. He says he’s the grip or lifter.”

Check out the adorable photos and complete story in NEXTpittsburgh.

NEXTpittsburgh Staff

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