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Maker Monday: Table-Top Ice Hockey

ice hockey
Kidsburgh Staff
March13/ 2017

This Maker Monday activity combines crafting with sports — in miniature fashion — with Table-Top Ice Hockey.

“My after-school kids loved this one,” says Maureen Frew, maker education specialist at Avonworth Primary Center. “Many rave reviews from parents and kids!”

The kids continued the fun with more imaginative efforts on their own.

“Many of my students went home to make scoreboards for their game,” Frew says. “One student also made bleachers out of Popsicle sticks.”


8 ½-inch-by-11-inch cake pan (You can find disposable pans at Dollar Tree)

2 plastic forks

1 bottle cap

Duct tape

Assorted LEGOSice hockey

If the weather is cooperating in Pittsburgh – you never know! — have your kids fill the pan halfway with water and place outside overnight.  If the weather is not playing along, place the pan in the freezer overnight.

ice hockey

Take the two plastic forks and wrap duct tape around the tines (you might need to explain what this word means) of each fork to make the hockey sticks.

ice hockey

Take assorted LEGOS and build a goal. Be sure to check that the bottle cap will fit into the goal.  Then make a second goal.

ice hockey

Your child is now ready to set up their Table-Top Ice Hockey game and begin to play!

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Kidsburgh Staff