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Maker Monday: Super Bubbles

Sally Quinn
August07/ 2017

Kids love bubbles, so it stands to reason gigantic Super Bubbles would be loved all the more. This Maker Monday recipe can produce bubbles — really big bubbles — which are absolutely mesmerizing as they shimmer in the sun.

First, a bit of science: Bubbles are made from air wrapped by three layers — two layers of soapy film with a layer of water molecules trapped in between. Adding glycerin helps extend the life of a bubble by slowing the evaporation of water, which makes a bubble pop. Bubbles pop more quickly on hot days, but on icy sub-zero days during the winter, you can blow a bubble that will freeze and maintain its form for several minutes.

A few tips: The glycerin required for the recipe can be found in craft stores that sell cake decorating supplies. We recommend Dawn dishwashing soap because it is highly concentrated, and so it tends to work best. While you’re blowing bubbles, keep the spoon handy to stir the solution frequently because the powdered ingredients sometimes sink to the bottom.

You can fashion a Super Bubble wand from pipe cleaners or a circle of string attached to a pair of sticks.

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1/2 cup corn starch

1 tablespoon glycerine

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 cup Dawn dishwashing soap

6 cups water

maker monday

Mix the ingredients together, stirring well.

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Dip your wand into the solution and allow the breeze to blow through or add a bit of personal puff.

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Sally Quinn

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