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Maker Monday: Shoe Box Marble Painting

Sometimes the method is as creative as the finished product. This fun Maker Monday activity — Shoe Box Marble Painting — gives kids a new way to make art, allowing marbles to work their magic as they roll through paint. The finished effect resembles tie-dyed fabric.

Kids can experiment with different shapes and color combinations to create more personalized paintings. Or begin with colored paper instead of white for a different background.

This project comes from Lauren Kimicata, a pre-school teacher at Carriage House Children’s Center in Squirrel Hill.maker monday


Shoe box



Disposable spoons

Paper, preferably cardstock or construction paper but copy paper will work


Photo of child (optional)maker monday

Cut out a flower — or any other shape — from a sheet of paper.

maker monday

Place paper flower in the shoe box. Spoon blobs of paint on top of the paper.

maker monday

Place two or three marbles on top. Close the shoe box lid and roll the marbles around. Keep adding paint and rolling the marbles around as desired.

maker monday

Remove the paper and hang to dry.

maker monday

Optional: Cut out a child’s photo and glue to the center of the painting.

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