spider web

Maker Monday: Sew-It-Yourself Spider Web

Halloween season means fun with spooky, creepy creatures. This week’s Maker Monday STEAM project gives a playful look to Sew-It-Yourself Spiders made with yarn and paper plates.

Little kids can exercise their fine motor skills by sewing the yarn through holes and weaving a web for their spider. They can make it in Halloween colors of orange and black or experiment with other colors for a more fanciful, artistic vision.

maker monday


Paper plates

Hole punch




Paint and paintbrush (optional)

Google eyes (optional)

maker monday

Poke a hole in the paper plate and begin cutting along the inner rim. Save the extra from the center of the plate to make your spider.

maker monday

Use the paper punch to make holes about an inch apart around the rim of the plate. If you wish to paint the plate, now is the time to do it. Allow to completely dry before continuing.

maker monday

Now, it’s time to make the web. Start with a length of yarn about 18 inches long. Seal the yarn on one end with tape to keep it from fraying as you work. Tape the other end on the back of the plate to hold it in place. Begin weaving the yarn back and forth, in and out. When you run out of yarn, tape the end on the back of the plate, cut another length and continue the same way.

maker monday

Make a spider from the remaining pieces of paper plate. Draw a funny face or add google eyes.

spider web

Set your spider into the web with his legs in between the yarn to hold him in place. Your spider web is ready to display on your bedroom door or window.

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