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Maker Monday: Pop-up Valentines

pop-up Valentine
February06/ 2017

Surprise Grandma and best friends with clever Pop-up Valentines. They look fancy but are easy to make with simple materials and ingenuity. pop-up Valentines


Cardstock or scrapbook paper


Glue stick

Stickerspop-up Valentines

Select two pieces of paper for your Valentine. Depending on the size you want to make your greeting card, cut both pieces the same size and fold in half, creasing at the fold. Separate the two sheets. On the inside paper, make six cuts across the folded side about 2-3 inches deep.

pop-up Valentines

Open and fold the strips in the opposite direction, creating the pop-up effect.

pop-up Valentines

Apply glue on the inside of the two sheets and carefully fit the papers together, watching out for the pop-up strips.

pop-up Valentines Press stickers to paper scraps. Trim, leaving a thin border around the stickers.

pop-up Valentines

Glue prepared stickers onto pop-up strips. Decorate the cover of the card with additional stickers.

pop-up Valentines

Experiment with other colors and designs and spread the love!

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