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Maker Monday: Play-Doh Maze

Maker Monday loves to give kids cool challenges and the Play-Doh Maze makes the grade. This fun STEM project gives kids a chance to engineer the problem solving it takes to design a maze. Then, they need to use their dexterity to send a pompom through the twists and turns from beginning to end.

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Strawmaker monday

Use a smooth table or cookie sheet as your base. Roll bits of Play-Doh into long snakes. Begin by creating the border. Then begin to add the inside walls and paths. Be sure to add a few tricky dead ends and fake paths as you go.

maker monday

Add a dot of Play-Doh to mark the beginning and end of the maze.

maker monday

Set a pompom at the beginning and use the straw to blow the pompom along the path. Feeling competitive? Time your race to the end and see if you can improve your speed or use a timer to race with friends. Getting bored with this maze? Lift the inside walls and rearrange into new paths.

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