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Maker Monday: No-Sew Fan Pillow

This week’s Maker Monday project celebrates the sports world with No-Sew Fan Pillows made from T-shirts. Diehard fans usually have loads of Tees that have been outgrown or set aside for newer models, so this project is a way of upcycling exciting sports memories. You can choose from a kid’s personal sports history in soccer or T-ball, or go with a March Madness college favorite. We went with a Pirates shirt in honor of today’s home opener.

maker monday



Pillow insert

Ruler Pins



maker monday

Smooth out the T-shirt and lay flat. Cut off the sleeves. Measure the pillow and pin the outline onto the T-shirt, being sure to pin between the two layers.

Measure 2 and 1/2 inches from the pin outline and mark with the pen. Use the ruler to connect your marks on all four sides.

maker monday

Cut along the pen line.

maker monday

Cut into the edge up to the pin line, making a cut about every inch, all the way around. Unpin the bottom of the pillow and slide the insert inside. Tie each fringe front to back with a double knot. Continue on all four sides.

maker monday

And there you have your Fan Pillow!

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