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Maker Monday: Marshmallow Peeps Boats

maker monday
Kidsburgh Staff
April10/ 2017

Marshmallow Peeps sailboats are an entertaining way to perform hands-on science experiments with kids. (And isn’t it great that Peeps are now available all year long?)

Once you make your sailboats, consider whether they float or sink. Where is the center of mass? Do Bunnies sail better than Peeps? Look at wind movement, wind speed, and sail placement to see the best way to sail your marshmallow boats.

This Maker Monday S.T.E.M. — science, technology, engineering, and math — activity comes from Maureen Frew, maker education specialist at Avonworth Primary Center.maker monday





Construction paper, cardstock, tissue paper, etc.

Hair Dryer


Bowl of watermaker monday

First, kids cut out triangles of various materials.  Tape the toothpick to the triangle and stick the opposite end of the toothpick into a Peep. maker monday

Fill the bowl with water and begin your experiments. Use a hair dryer as an artificial breeze to really put the sailboats into action.

Check placement: Where does the sail work best – placed in the middle, on the ears, or at the bottom?

Challenge kids to try sails of different materials to see which one works best.

Add pennies and see how many pennies a sailboat can hold. Do the boats stay afloat or sink? Does the extra ballast make them more stable or more wobbly? How does it affect their speed?

Older children can graph out their sailing experiments, too, for easy comparison.

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Kidsburgh Staff

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