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Maker Monday: Glove Puppets

maker monday
Sally Quinn
November27/ 2017

It’s that time of year when a pair of gloves tends to end up separated and alone. Hang onto those singles and use them for a fun and cool Maker Monday activity: Glove Puppets.

If you have kids who are better than most at keeping track of their gloves, that’s OK, too. Make an inexpensive purchase of bright new gloves. We found them for just $1 a pair at dollar stores, as well as Target.

You can use all sorts of objects to decorate your silly looking puppets, from pipe cleaner hairpieces to button noses to bead mouths. Foam sheets or felt can be cut into superhero capes, funny hats, or alien tentacles.

Kids will find a handful of five wiggly puppets much more fun than single finger puppets when it comes to creative play.

maker monday



Glue gun


Foam sheets

Accessories: Google eyes, beads, markers, pipe cleaners, foam stickers, etc.

maker monday

Begin with a plan, one finger at a time. Kids can set up a character on a finger with the accessories needed, then have a grownup help with the glue gun. Older kids might be responsible enough to manage the glue gun with supervision. The fuzzy tips were cut of the pink glove here, with another glove tucked inside. The fingertip of fuzz made a hilarious wig for a green-eyed creature. Magenta felt was used to create a mask and superhero cape. A foam sheet was cut and colored with marker to make a kitty’s face with a pipe cleaner body. maker monday

A fingerless glove allowed a thumb to become a bald-headed guy. Pipe cleaners were used for bead-topped alien antennae. Google eyes help give more personality to these beings.

maker momday

Different shaped beads can add to the design as an elephant-type nose, walrus mustache, or an expressive mouth. Once the glove puppets are completed, it’s time to think up some fun storylines for these ridiculous characters.

For more Maker Monday projects and other fun stuff for kids, visit the Kidsburgh Activities page.

Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn is an award-winning writer and editor who has been covering her favorite city for more than 30 years. She appreciates all that Pittsburgh offers families and has a blast guiding her 10 grandkids to new discoveries. Sally welcomes your comments and story ideas for Kidsburgh.

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