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Maker Monday: Foam Prints

maker monday
Sally Quinn
November05/ 2018

Printmaking at home can be a fun STEAM activity using a few basic supplies and a whole bunch of creativity. Foam Prints are the subject of this week’s Maker Monday offering.

We used inexpensive styrofoam plates, but you can make your prints with the top of styrofoam egg cartons. Even the back of styrofoam trays upcycled from packages of meat and poultry can be used. Just be sure to give them a good wash with hot, soapy water.

These prints can be cool pieces of art on their own, or they can be sent to family as handcrafted greeting cards.

maker monday


Styrofoam plates

Water-based acrylic paints


Foam roller


Ballpoint pen

maker monday

Cut a square from each plate for every different design you plan to make.

maker monday

Draw your print design with a ballpoint pen, pressing down into the foam to make an indentation with every line. Remember the flat surface is the part that will hold the paint. The indentations will make up the picture, so you will want to use stripes or dots for shading for your print.

maker monday

Pour a bit of paint onto a plate or into a roller pan. Roll the paint lightly onto the foam square. Place a piece of paper onto the foam square, pressing with your fingers all over to transfer the paint onto the paper. Be careful not to shift the paper while you work.

maker monday

Carefully peel back the paper to reveal your print. You can re-use the foam design to experiment with different colors of paint or paper, but you will need to wash the paint from the foam in between uses to prevent paint from filling the indentations.

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Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn is an award-winning writer and editor who has been covering her favorite city for more than 30 years. She appreciates all that Pittsburgh offers families and has a blast guiding her 10 grandkids to new discoveries. Sally welcomes your comments and story ideas for Kidsburgh.

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