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Maker Monday: Cardboard Kazoos

Little music makers can throw a parade with this week’s Maker Monday project, Cardboard Kazoos. Kids can hum their favorite songs and gain extra volume as the waxed paper vibrates.

This fun activity makes use of the simplest of supplies that most households already have on hand. Pump up the fun factor by personalizing your Cardboard Kazoo with markers, stickers and paper. Then, it’s time to name that tune!

maker monday


Cardboard tubes

Waxed paper

Rubber bands



Markers or crayons

Tape or glue

maker monday

Measure the tube along the paper. Cut to the correct length so it will wrap around the tube. If you are adding designs with markers or crayons, it’s easiest to draw before wrapping the tube.

maker monday

Cut a piece of waxed paper to about 4-inches by 4-inches for each kazoo.

maker monday

Wrap the cardboard tube with paper and tape or glue in place. Add stickers now, if you like.

make monday

Wrap one end of the kazoo with waxed paper and secure with a rubber band. Using the pointy end of the scissors, pierce a small hole into the tube. And now you’re ready to begin making music!

maker monday

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