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Maker Monday: Build a Drawbot

Kidsburgh Staff
January09/ 2017

This remarkable Drawbot is a robot that can scribble with markers and make pictures on its own.

The creativity comes from Maureen Frew, Maker Education Specialist at Avonworth Primary Center.

The supplies can be purchased inexpensively at the Dollar Tree or found at any craft store.Drawbot

Items you will need:

1 electric toothbrush, battery included

1 round foam disc

3 markers

Glue gun and glue sticks


Choose three markers and push the flat side into the foam — but not all the way through — forming a triangle with the markers.Drawbot

Turn the disc over and hot glue the toothbrush onto the top of the disc.Drawbot

Take the caps off the markers — turn the toothbrush on — and watch your Drawbot go! (If the markers are wobbly, you can hot glue them in place.)

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Kidsburgh Staff

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