Maker Monday: Anato-Me Wall Art

This S.T.E.A.M. project encourages discussion about anatomy in ways that kids can easily comprehend. Thanks to Erica Peterson of Science Tots for this cool activity!


Poster board or a roll of drawing paper

Crayons or marker

An assortment of creative supplies such as yarn, felt, tape, string, modeling dough, glue


  1. Trace your child on a large poster board or drawing paper roll. If you don’t have a paper roll or poster board – what else can you use? What about large post-its? A newspaper’s classified section?mm-anato-me
  2. Next, bring out the crayons and markers! Ask your child: Where are your eyes? Your bones? Color them in!mm-anato-me
  3. Now ask questions related to body systems. For example, when you eat, where does your food go? Are your muscles attached to your bones? Try to address the misconceptions they might
  4. Now get really creative! What can you add? Can you use modeling dough to make a heart? Or a plastic bag for a stomach? How about using yarn to show where the veins are?mm-anato-me
  5. The challenge: How can you hang your new wall art? Tape? String? Why not experiment?

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