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Maker Monday: 3 DIY birdfeeders

Sally Quinn
November12/ 2019

As our warm-weather feathered friends head off to southern climes, it’s a great time to consider feeding birds who stay with us all winter long.

Place your birdfeeders in places where you can watch the traffic of chirping, feeding birds. As birds come to feed, identify them through the Audubon Society Guide to North American Birds, or have mom download the Audubon Guide Bird App.

Keep a journal to track the kinds of birds who visit your feeder. Watch for creatures like squirrels who might like to steal the food for themselves. They can be pretty tricky!

You can make several birdfeeders and experiment with where to hang them. Do they attract more birds under cover of pine branches, or out in the open? A pan of water might be an attraction, too.

Orange Peel Birdfeeder

After juicing oranges, the peels end up in the trash or on the compost heap. This Maker Monday project gives new life to those citrus shells by creating Orange Peel Birdfeeders. Bamboo skewers give small birds a place to perch while eating munching lunch.

Pine Cone Birdfeeder

This Maker Monday — a Pine Cone Birdfeeder — is a simple activity that will provide lots of opportunities for lessons in natural science. The main supplies are peanut butter, birdseed and pine cones.

Bird Seed Cakes

We love to take Maker Monday outdoors with projects, such as these Bird Seed Cakes. These decorative bird feeders hang outdoors on tree branches, offering delicious snacks for birds that stick around all winter long. It is so much fun to peek out the window and see which birds show up for a nibble.

Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn is an award-winning writer and editor who has been covering her favorite city for more than 30 years. She appreciates all that Pittsburgh offers families and has a blast guiding her 10 grandkids to new discoveries. Sally welcomes your comments and story ideas for Kidsburgh.

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