Kidsburgh Hero: Safety patrol 4th-grader awarded AAA Lifesaving Medal

A local fourth grader was hailed a hero for saving the life of a kindergarten student who ran into moving traffic.  Arnez Logan is one of only four students in the country awarded the AAA Safety Patrol Lifesaving Medal.

He got that award at a Duquesne Elementary School assembly, along with a proclamation from his state senator, for preventing what could have been a tragedy.

Arnez seems to take all the accolades in stride, but the real prize is the life of the kindergartner who’s at school and doing well because of Arnez’s actions.

Arnez is a Junior Constable and Safety Patrol Officer which are programs led by Duquesne Constable Lonzo Boyce.

Arnez says it was his first week as a Safety Patrol and he was 9 years old when he was put to the test.  He showed KDKA’s Kristine Sorensen where the kindergartener was coming down the street.  “I was standing right here.  He was coming down at that pole, and he was running.”

Officer Boyce adds, “Out of nowhere, we see the young man running down the sidewalk here, full speed. He ran right pass Arnez to the street. Arnez’s eyes got big.”

Arnez says: “Before the car could hurry up and hit him, I pulled him back to the sidewalk.”

Boyce says Arnez “just lunged out, pulled the student back onto the sidewalk, just as a car went past.”

“I didn’t even think about it. I just did it,” Logan says.  He credits the training he got from Officer Boyce.  “Officer Boyce trained me. He taught me to be always on duty, always be in your surroundings.”

Officer Boyce tells the Duquesne Elementary student body that they can each be heroes.  “Repeat after me – I will be determined, work hard, succeed,” he says slowly, as the kids repeat each phrase separately.  “That’s what Arnez did that day.  He was determined to work hard; therefore, he succeeded in saving a life that day .”

Officer Boyce says this is a reminder that heroes come in all sizes and not to underestimate the courage of little kids.  Arnez says since this experience, he decided he wants to be a firefighter because he really likes saving people.