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Kids wanted for SLB Radio showcase of talent in the arts and more

January19/ 2012

SLB Radio Productions’ Saturday Light Brigade is looking for school-age kids who want to share their talent on the air, whether it’s in the arts or as a member of a community group.

Youth Expression Showcase (YES) features several kids each Saturday from 10:05-11:05 a.m. in a live performance and interview, and “the variety of things that we have is huge,” says SLB Staff Educator Liz Adams. That has included young classical musicians and singer-songwriters, a teen poetry group, and sometimes even community organizations with programs for young people. Kids from Three Rivers Rowing Association’s First Row program, for instance, were on YES speaking about the many ways their first experiences in the water made an impact in their lives.

“It’s a chance for young people to be the stars and to share what they are doing in the community,” says Adams.

Even though there are a lot of young artists displaying their talent, don’t think “American Idol” or “America’s Got Talent,” she says. YES is not a competition. There’s not even an audition, just a chance for the parents (and ideally the kid) to speak beforehand with Adams about what is involved in a YES appearance.

“We might be the first place their creativity or their project goes public,” Adams says. After all, she points out, “it’s not common for a nine-year-old to have a MySpace page.”

And there’s no reason to be nervous about the interview, she explains, since it’s all about why the children enjoy their art and what they enjoy doing in school and at home. SLB host Larry Berger, Adams says, “is very good at eliciting responses from kids, so it’s not an intimidating atmosphere at all. We try to make it as easy as possible for people to participate.”

Adams says the show can even feature visual artists describing their art – even if listeners can’t see it.

Doing the YES segment, Adams says, “I learn about new things every day, and it’s always really exciting.”

Do Good:

  • Get involved with the Youth Expression Showcase by calling 412-586-6300 ext. 8 or emailing here.


Writer: Marty Levine

Source: Liz Adams, SLB Radio Productions