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Hatch Art Studio opening in Point Breeze for art making, kid parties and more

Lourdes Cano
February16/ 2016

Pablo Picasso once said that every child is an artist. When Hatch Art Studio opens its doors on March 19th, Pittsburgh children will have the opportunity to express their inner artist through classes, drop-in art making, birthday parties and themed workshops geared to ages 2 and up.

Designed by Shannon Merenstein, Hatch is a bright and welcoming studio located in Point Breeze. “I want it to be a place where children can think like an artist,” said Merenstein, an art instructor at the Environmental Charter School at Frick Park. “Through unique materials and processes, children can develop their own ideas in a fun, inspiring environment.”

Shannon Merenstein of Hatch Art Studio.
Shannon Merenstein of Hatch Art Studio.

The art space is indeed inspiring. The studio is designed to invite and encourage open-­ended art-making, and is furnished with kid-sized furniture, thoughtfully designed and built by Merenstein’s husband. One wall is a plexiglass easel where children can happily paint on the walls. And art projects will often involve unusual materials, like twigs or rocks, to encourage children to expand their idea of art.

Shannon Merenstein engages children with unusual art materials, like twigs.

Shannon Merenstein engages children with unusual art materials, like twigs.

Experienced art educators and practicing artists will lead the activities for young artists, including art classes. For children ages 2­ to 5­ years old, classes will be held on Thursdays and will cost $112 per six-week session. After-school classes for children older than 5 are $125 for a six-­week session.

Hatch will have open studio times from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays, when families can drop in for art making. Children ages 5 and older may be dropped off during the open studio times for up to 2 hours for $15 per hour. The cost for an art play session for children accompanied by an adult is $10 per hour per child.

On Sundays, Hatch will offer scheduled workshops, which will provide an opportunity for families to create theme-based art projects. During the studio’s first workshop, scheduled for April 3rd, families will create a garden sculpture using recycled materials. The cost of a workshop is $20 per adult/child pair and $10 for each additional sibling. The one-­day workshops are designed for children ages 4 and older.

Hatch will also host birthday parties on Sundays.

For teenagers, the Tuesday Night Teen Studio involves a more sophisticated level of open-­ended art making and development of the creative voice. Each six-week session will cost $135.

Merenstein said she’ll cater future offerings at the studio to meet patrons’ needs.

“Different families may need and want different things from this space,” Merenstein said. “[Hatch] will be a personalized neighborhood art experience for kids.”

Lourdes Cano

Lourdes Cano was a lawyer in her pre-kid life. Now, she enjoys writing about and exploring Pittsburgh with her husband and two adventurous children.