Got a life lesson that changed you? Tell us what it is — and inspire others for Project FUEL

“When you learn, you become a star,” says Deepak Ramola. “But when you teach, you become a constellation.”

Ramola, the founder of Project FUEL, understands that everyone has the capacity to be a constellation. Everyone has a life lesson to pass on. The mission of his organization, in which FUEL stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson, is to collect and share those life lessons.

“Today the world’s population is over 7 billion,” he explains in his Ted Talk. “So there are 7 billion life lessons you can use to solve any problem.”

Ramola and Project FUEL collect these life lessons from all over the world. The lessons are documented, thought about, then turned into interactive activities to complete the learning experience. The goal is to collect 1 million life lessons.

Project FUEL is looking to Pittsburgh and Kidsburgh readers for the newest batch of life lessons. What life lesson have you experienced that affected or even changed your life?

We’d love to have you share your life lesson with Kidsburgh.

Just answer two simple questions:

  1. What is your life lesson?
  2. How did you learn this lesson?

Ten of the submitted life lessons will be turned into videos with accompanying activities created by Project FUEL. Kidsburgh will post these life lesson videos and activities this fall and they will be shared worldwide as well.

Kids and adults of any age can share their life lessons using this form. The deadline is June 26.