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My Favorite Pittsburgh Thing To Do With Kids: James Fogarty

Photo by Steven Dray 

James Fogarty, executive director of A+ Schools, was born and raised in San Francisco with his twin brother. He came to Pittsburgh in 2008 to work on the Obama campaign while his wife, Mara, went to business school.

“We were only supposed to stay for the time she was in graduate school, but life was way more affordable here and there was just so much going on that interested us that we decided to stay and make Pittsburgh our home,” he says.

Nine years and two children later, Mara is vice president of product at Project 9, a new startup from the folks at 4Moms.

Nora, 4, and Lincoln, 2, live with their parents in the Bloomfield/Friendship neighborhood, the same destination for the family’s favorite activity.

“We love going to the Bloomfield Development Corporation’s Saturday Farmer’s Market with the kids,” James says. “There’s usually crafts from Assemble and live music. There’s a great selection of produce, cheese, meats, etc.

“The kids love picking out our fruits and vegetables for the week, and it’s always a great place to run into neighbors. Afterwards, we’ll hit up Paddy Cake bakery for a treat and then head to Osceola playground.”

Spending time together is a priority.

“I find myself constantly amazed at how much our children and we change each and every day spent together,” James says. “I love them bunches, and I feel so grateful for the time we have together to play, giggle, and learn.”