Empowering youth with improv and so much more: Get all the details about Remake Learning Days

Kidsburgh director Yu-Ling Cheng stopped by Pittsburgh Today Live this week to talk with hosts Heather Abraham and David Highfield about all the fun events happening during Remake Learning Days.

They talked about the unique design of Remake Learning Days events, which invite parents and kids to do hands-on learning together. That shared experience between kids and their caregivers can be a surprisingly powerful thing.

Kids “get more excited about learning, and we have research that shows that kids will ask for more learning opportunities, if their parents are doing it with them, and they’ll say ‘I want to do more of this,'” Cheng said. “So it’s important to have that engagement.”

Check out the video below to hear about incredible (mostly free!) events focused on the arts, science, technology, maker projects and youth voice that are happening around the Pittsburgh area through May 22 during the Remake Learning Days festival. (Learn all about the festival here and search here for events!)