Remake Learning Days challenges kids to share lessons learned during the pandemic

Kids are resilient, and while school at home is not always easy, it’s also allowed kids to learn things they might otherwise not have had time to do.

Remake Learning Days, a non-profit focused on improving education, challenged kids, parents, teachers and anyone to think about what we’re learning during this unique time.

You can share what you’re learning on social media with the hashtag #LearningLessons.

You’ll find local kids are learning all kinds of interesting things about themselves and the world.

Mina Mason: “I’m learning how to do new crafts like diamond dots and latch-hooking. I learned that I really like the creative side of me.”

Naina Mason: “Over the quarantine, I’ve been doing virtual school like a lot of kids, but I realized I like regular school better because it allows you to be around other kids and it keeps you occupied for the whole day.”

Abby: “Due to the coronavirus, my family had to cancel our family reunion, so we decided to do Zoom calls. My family is multi-generational and lives all around the world, so it’s really fun to see each other.”

Huxley Lackner: “I’m learning how to run an ice cream business with my family. We got Klayvon’s ice cream, cones and toppings. I also designed a menu so my family can check off what they want and I will make it. I have learned to make everything on the menu now.”

Devin Kilpela: “My learning lesson is I learned to manage my own schedule all by myself.”

Graham Kilpela: “I learned how to build a LEGO Bugatti with an engine and gearbox and steering wheel, and you what’s cool? Because of the functioning, if I turn one wheel one way, the other wheel goes the other way.”

Anna Larner: “Since everyone is home from work and school, all of us is becoming closer.”

Cordelia Lackner: “I’m learning how much the little things matter in a time like this by writing nice chalk messages for people walking by. It helps me appreciate how much they appreciate what I’m doing and adds a little sunshine on cloudy days like this to other people’s day.”

Neema Smith: “What have I learned during this tough, tough time? I learned that I have many other talents than I did before because I have time to work on them. And I learned how I am a great, great artist.”

Julianna: “Throughout quarantine, I’ve realized we don’t really appreciate teachers and other adults in our lives as much as we should and we take for granted always being able to see our friends.”

Catheryn & Caroline Behr: “We’re learning new things every day.”
Catheryn: “Like I”m learning how to cook new dishes.”
Caroline: “ Hi, I’m playing Uno with my aunt and uncle on Zoom. “
Catheryn: “I’m learning French.”
Caroline: “I’m learning new things on virtual learning.”
Catheryn & Caroline Behr: And we’re spending time with our family.”

What new skills have your kids discovered? Share them at #LearningLessons.