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EdSurge calls Pittsburgh a model for education innovation

Nadine Champsi
October23/ 2014

In an article describing his recent visit to Pittsburgh for a meeting about Education Innovation Clusters (EICs), EdSurge writer Tony Zanders highlights several of Pittsburgh’s unique strengths as an EIC, including the remarkable collaboration among organizations that share one common goal–to become a model for learning innovation.

“It was so refreshing to see a city working in concert–one not inhibited by politics or red tape, nor too large and fragmented to make progress–as demonstrated by the over 60 organizations contributing to the city’s learning community.”

He goes on to name several of the big players driving this innovation in our city including the Grable Foundation, the Sprout Fund and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Zanders also compliments the city’s nonprofits–and especially the Pittsburgh Kids + Creativity Network–for organizing the effort across different sectors.

“Organized by the Pittsburgh Kids + Creativity Network, dozens of organizations in the greater Pittsburgh area come together to support learning innovation through trainings, promotion and distribution of new ideas, products and services.”

Zanders also notes that Pittsburgh is home to more colleges and universities than your average city and these institutions are also joining the effort. He cites the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University as an example–where talented minds in the fields of robotics, engineering, math and design come together to create cutting-edge educational technologies.

Finally, Zanders reminds us that Pittsburgh is a city that has stayed true to its proud history, even in its current contributions to education. He describes the local “Maker” movement–with nearly a dozen organizations dedicated to hands-on and STEAM-based learning–as the natural progression of our city’s past.

“With Pittsburgh’s rich history in innovating in the steel, aluminum and glass industries, it’s no surprise to see the same DNA in these new ventures.”

EdSurge is a well-respected online resource dedicated to reporting advancements in education and to connecting entrepreneurs, investors and educators who drive innovation in this field. Read the full article here.

This article was written by Nadine Champsi.

Nadine Champsi

Nadine Champsi is an MD turned write-at-home Pittsburgh mom with two lovely children.