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Operation Warm’s mission is to provide brand new winter coats to children in need. The gift of a new winter coat inspires hope and empowers children to attend school regularly and have strong self-esteem.

Operation Warm was founded in 1998 when our founder, Dick Sanford, saw the need in his community for warm coats for at-risk children.  What began as a gesture motivated by sadness and concern grew into a passion and our mission.

We were founded on the conviction that children born in poverty have less than a fair chance to thrive.  We applaud organizations which supply “gently worn” garments.  However, we believe giving a child in need a new winter coat has an immeasurable effect on their families:

  • Pride in ownership
  • A tangible boost in self-esteem and peer acceptance
  • Improved school attendance
  • Likelihood of two nutritious meals at school through the Free or Reduced Lunch Program
  • Ability to play and socialize outside
  • Relief related to stretching limited funds for clothing, food, heat, or housing

Operation Warm has grown from one man into a nationwide program that reaches 49 states, parts of Canada, and has touched the lives of 2 million children.


The Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education (ARYSE) helps resettled refugee youth overcome obstacles to achieve success. By building partnerships between college volunteers and refugee youth, ARYSE equips both with the tools they need to be engaged citizens and visionary community leaders. ARYSE is a start-up national non-profit based in Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh, ARYSE works with student-led programs at CMU and the University of Pittsburgh like FORGE Pitt.

ARYSE is creating a network of student-led programs across the country to enable knowledge exchange and resource sharing. ARYSE organizes an annual conference, fellowship program, and online resource-platform. Through consultations, staff provide individualized leadership training for student leaders to improve program effectiveness and performance. ARYSE guides student leaders in developing and maintaining programs that provide academic and emotional support to refugee youth while also engaging youth in projects that help them realize their potential and intelligence.


The Heinz Endowments is based in Pittsburgh, where we use our region as a laboratory for the development of solutions to challenges that are national in scope. Although the majority of our giving is concentrated within southwestern Pennsylvania, we work wherever necessary, including statewide and nationally, to fulfill our mission. That mission is to help our region thrive as a whole community, economically, ecologically, educationally and culturally, while advancing the state of knowledge and practice in the fields in which we work. Our fields of emphasis include philanthropy in general and the disciplines represented by our five grant-making programs: Arts & Culture; Children, Youth & Families; Community & Economic Development; Education; and Environment.


We’re here working with you every day, making sure that you, your family and community have the resources and support you need to learn, grow and thrive.

With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving individual health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, getting involved with the Y brings about meaningful change not just within yourself, but in your community too.

This branch is a full-facility with outreach, social services and a wellness center. Our Y features an urban garden, food pantry, family support services, computer resource center, wellness center, locker rooms and a full gymnasium.


This is a highly interactive presentation by undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon who talk about why/how they began studying the area, their current experiences, what Computer Science means to them now, and their future hopes and expectations. The middle and high school presentations include a guessing game, a slide show of CS applications, algorithm style puzzles, a robot demo, and much more. The spin-off graduate level Roadshow (presented to undergrads) includes general information on going to graduate school and short research talks.


  • elementary, middle, and high school girls and boys
  • parents and teachers
  • undergraduate students
  • all who are interested in improving access and exposure to computer science


  • to increase the visibility of young women and minorities in computer science
  • to challenge the traditional stereotypes of what/who computer scientists are
  • to show the breadth of fields that computer science can encompass
  • to provide role models
  • to provide an interesting and enjoyable learning experience
  • to provide teaching, leadership/mentoring opportunities for our own computer science students

Formerly known as the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center, LearnLab is organized through a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Learning, Kaplan and Pearson, and is funded by the National Science Foundation. At LearnLab, we focus on leveraging cognitive theory and computational modeling to identify the instructional conditions that cause robust student learning.

Our researchers study robust learning by conducting in vivo experiments in math, science and language courses. We also support collaborative primary and secondary analysis of learning data through our open data repository, PSLC DataShop, which provides data import and export features as well as advanced visualization, statistical, and data mining tools.

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Green Yoga is founded on a mindful approach to all we do. The Yogic Principle of “Ahimsa” to “wish no harm”, is our guiding principle. To that end, all of our yoga classes are taught with your safety and wellbeing in mind. Our instructors are committed to being supportive, while guiding you with clear instructions that provide a safe place for growth, transformation and healing. We hold with compassion and acceptance your experience, in a sacred way that honors your journey. Yoga is about you; your body, your mind, your breath in this moment!

Family yoga, Father and son yoga

Family Focus Yoga

Our Family Focus program will support you and your family every step of the way, from generation to generation. Check our offerings and remember, yoga is about you … And your family!!

Family Focus Yoga classes include: Prenatal, Om Baby (and me), Planting Seeds, Yoga 4 Little Kids, Yoga 4 Kids, Body Positivity, Yoga Gold, Family Yoga.

Foundations, Traditions and Variations

yogaOur Foundations Classes are guided by a vinyasa flow approach with specific attention to safe alignment and mindful movement. They include: Beginner Yoga, Power Focus, Power Up and Power Shred and Celebration Yoga.

We also honor the tradition of yoga by offering Kundalini Yoga and Sivananda Yoga and adventures in yoga through variations on mindful approaches to movement in classes like Core Focus, Letting Go, Curating Calm and Relax & Restore.


The mission of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (HCEF) is to provide advocacy, community engagement, and direct service programs that support the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County. Moreover, HCEF aims for all children and youth experiencing homelessness to receive the necessary educational resources, guidance and opportunities to launch them on a path of success in school and in life.

The organization works collaboratively with many individuals, organizations, and groups to create “hope through learning” for these vulnerable children and invest ourselves in the notion that children and teens experiencing homelessness deserve equal access and full participation in the same educational and enrichment opportunities enjoyed by their stably housed peers. It also posits that young people cannot soar above the barriers of homelessness without the support of individuals and organizations that are steadfastly committed to upholding their dignity, fostering their resilience, and realizing their gifts. Finally, HCEF believes that communities must work collaboratively, creatively and proactively to confront homelessness and ensure that the needs of children and teens without a home are respectfully and effectively met.

What’s The Matter (Ages 6-7)

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Want to learn more about the sublime science of slime? Put your goggles on and discover “What’s The Matter!?” at Assemble this summer! Let your inner scientists out as you experiment with states of matter, sculpture, gross and gooey explosions, and mold making.

This Summer Camp runs from July 2, 3, 5, and 6 from 9am-4pm each day. We will not have camp on July 4.

We offer morning and afternoon snacks. Campers will provide their own lunch or you can request a free lunch. Please note that Assemble is a peanut free space. If you have any dietary concerns or needs, please reach out to Hannah at


  • Day Camp costs $200 per week.
  • If you live outside the Garfield neighborhood and cost is a barrier, we offer 50% scholarships. Just pick the “Scholarship Ticket” on Eventbrite.
  • If you are a Garfield resident, you do not need to pay a fee to participate. Just select the “Garfield Resident” Ticket.
  • We offer pre-camp and post-camp care options. Both are available for an additional fee.

Interested families can reserve a spot for their child through the Eventbrite tickets on this page. You can also call 412-661-6111 or email to register.

We can not offer summer camp refunds after June 1st, 2018.


The Digital Video SMASH JAM Workshop is the local Pittsburgh implementation of the Intersections Project, an exciting National Science Foundation funded partnership between the National Writing Project and the Association of Science Teaching Centers. The focus of the project has been working together to create an intersection of literacy and science as well as formal classroom instruction and informal museum-based instruction. The Digital Video SMASH JAM Workshops created by the Carnegie Science Center and Western Pennsylvania Writing Project do just that: learners choose what they are curious about in the museum, engaging with and inquiring about a museum artifact or exhibit, and then produce a short video using the appropriate elements of story.

This program is part of Pittsburgh City of Learning, an initiative of The Sprout Fund. Learn more at the launch event on June 10th.

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