Power Up Homewood

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Westinghouse High School Pittsburgh 15208
1101-1165 North Murtland Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15208 US

Power Up is a summer and afterschool program that target eighth and ninth grade girls in Pittsburgh’s least-served neighborhoods. The program’s innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum invites 8th- and 9th-grade girls to explore their neighborhood—its history, present-day condition, assets, and challenges—and to consider how their urban environment has changed over time. The girls also have an opportunity to explore themes of teen obesity as they consider health and wellness in their community. Throughout the program the girls are able to express their identity and what they are learning through silk screen printing projects.

“Power Up is a safe space for teen girls to creatively express themselves. We focus on creating positive messages using silkscreen printing as our main medium. The program continuously grows to meet its participants’ needs.” -Heather White

By partnering with other Carnegie Museums and community organizations Power Up brings a wide variety of hands-on activities that help the girls value their education as well as their abilities to affect both themselves and the world around them. Some of Power Up’s activities have included GPS navigation and mapping training at Powdermill Nature Reserve, researching Homewood’s history, and building a floating device capable of taking aerial pictures. The program helps show students the similarities and differences between the ways artists and scientists work. By using artistic and scientific inquiry to observe, document, experiment, and analyze the results of their efforts the girls learn the importance of creative thinking and imagining rather than merely arriving at “correct” answers. For more information on Power Up, you can visit The Warhol’s website.

Power Up Homewood, a project of The Andy Warhol Museum, is a summer and afterschool enrichment program that invites 8th and 9th grade girls from Westinghouse High School to the Coliseum in Homewood to explore their neighborhood–its history, present-day condition, assets, and challenges–and to consider how this urban environment has changed over time. Students then express their responses through the use of silk-screening, graphic design, GPS data collection, and GIS mapping. Finished projects are exhibited at partnering institutions, the Trolley Station Oral History Center and Carnegie Museum of Natural History, as well as on the Warhol’s website.

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