CLP - West End

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47 Wabash Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15220 US

CLP – West End is the Carnegie Library system’s West End branch, located on Wabash Street. The location is one of the first host sites for the Remake Learning Digital Corps.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is the public library system in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its main branch is located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and it has 19 branch locations throughout the city. The construction of the main library, which opened in 1895, as well as several neighborhood branches, was funded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie. While Carnegie provided the seed money to build the library facilities, he did not leave an endowment for their ongoing operations and maintenance. Thanks to local, county and state governments, corporations, foundations and individuals, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Libraries for LIFE Capital Campaign is renewing library buildings to meet the needs of today’s library customer.

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