Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213 US

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History collects and cares for specimens and artifacts that document the history of life on Earth. Through field studies and collections-based scientific research, we generate new knowledge and promote stewardship of the Earth and its natural resources. Through public exhibitions, programs, and educational partnerships, we share the results of our scientific research, in order to enhance scientific literacy by illuminating the processes of evolution and adaptation that have shaped the diversity of our world and its inhabitants.

The Museum of Natural History, along with the Carnegie Museum of Art, also focuses on programs geared toward childhood education year-round, including hands-on learning initiatives like Discovery Basecamp, as well as an array of summer camps for children and youth. As part of the Kids+Creativity Network, the Museum of Natural History extends its hand to children and educators across the city of Pittsburgh as a resource for learning.

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