BirdBrain Technologies LLC

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544 Miltenberger Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15219 US

BirdBrain Technologies LLC is devoted to creating robots that educate and inspire by enabling student creativity. Begun in Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab, our products are the result of university-based research endeavors in which we work with end-users at all parts of the design process, pilot products in real educational settings and create accompanying curricula.

Our first product, the Finch robot, was designed for introductory computer science education. The Finch is affordable for classrooms, and has a beak LED, beeper, light, obstacle, temperature, and accelerometer sensors. Finch is supported on all major operating systems and works with over a dozen programming languages. It has been adopted in hundreds of Computer Science classrooms. The newer Hummingbird Robotics Kit is designed to enable engineering and robotics activities for ages 10 and up that involve the making and programming of robots, kinetic sculptures, and animatronics built out of a combination of kit parts and crafting materials. Hummingbird is rapidly being adopted in middle and high school classrooms ranging from art to science to math to English.

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