Avonworth Career Academies

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258 Josephs Lane Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15237 US

Students must begin career and college preparation during high school to meet the needs of today’s global workforce. Today’s employers demand a new set of skills from graduates entering a dynamic, competitive marketplace. Students not only need content knowledge, but more importantly, they need to be able to exercise creativity, think critically, and collaborate with others in order to solve problems and challenges.

The Avonworth Career Academies provide opportunities for students to explore career areas that match their talents, interests, and passions, and for some, to discover what their passions might be. Through relevant project-based learning activities, quarterly career-focused seminars, interactions with professionals and business leaders, and out-of-school experiences (apprenticeships, graduation projects, internships, job shadowing), students will be able to have a clearer picture of their future landscape. In the process, students will begin to develop soft skills and have an understanding of the job market for Western Pennsylvania, across the nation, and even around the world.

After their 9th grade year, students can opt to join one of four academies:

  • Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship
  • Health & Medicine
  • Innovative Arts & Communications
  • Public & International Relations
  • Science, Engineering & Technology

Students will gain exposure to many different fields and can personalize their educational journey with their choice of elective courses and relevant experiences alongside leaders in their areas of interest.


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