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Common Sense Media: Winter break activities for families

Common Sense Media
December18/ 2020

Embrace the fun over winter break with these creative activity ideas. Print out the list and cut into strips to be folded and dropped into a jar. Kids can take turns reaching in and choosing an activity. Challenge the family to complete 10 before the New Year!

SNAIL MAIL: Pick a friend or family member and write them a letter the old-fashioned way. Use a pen, paper, envelope, stamp, and your brain—no computer! Make sure to ask them to write back before you drop your letter in the mailbox.

FAMILY NEWSLETTER: Make and send out a family newsletter. It can be digital or just stapled paper. Try including a variety of stuff: news, interviews, history, recipes, and more.

GRATITUDE LIST: Think of three things you’re grateful for. Describe exactly why you appreciate these things, to yourself or someone else.

CREATE A KINDNESS CHALLENGE: Think of a way your family can show kindness to each other this week. How can you help each other or make the day better?

COMMUNITY GIFT BOX: Decorate a cardboard box. Use it to store gifts for local charities. Put in toys to donate, food to give, and more!

FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM: Take some time together to curate your best family photos and put them into a digital or old-school album. Create a theme or just choose your favorites.

WHAT CAN YOU GIVE?: Make a list of things you can gift, like toys, clothes, money, skills, time, or love. Figure out whom or what to give those things to.

THINKING ABOUT TRADITIONS: Write down your family or personal traditions for the holidays. Which do you enjoy the most? Are there new ones you’d like to create?

SHOW THE SEASON: Color and cut out snowflakes, flowers, leaves, and more to decorate your windows to show the season or a holiday that means something to your family.

VIDEO-CHAT WITH A FAMILY MEMBER: Make sure to keep connected with family, especially older people in your life. Let them know what you are learning in school.

FOREVER FLOWERS: Use some art supplies to create a bouquet of flowers for a family member. Write a note or draw a picture to go with it.

EXPLAIN EMPATHY: What does it mean to have empathy? Write a poem, create art, or make a picture book that expresses your point of view.

HELP OUT: Ask an adult how you can help for 15 minutes. Or set a timer and find something to clean, wipe, or put away until the alarm sounds.

FAMILY FRIDGE QUOTABLES: Each week have a family member curate a collage of quotes—from family, friends, or famous people—on your fridge. You can use sticky notes or get creative with your own cutout shapes.

MAKE A DEVICE-FREE DINNER: Prepare a meal for your family, and then enjoy it together. The catch: All devices should be locked away.

SECRET MESSAGES IN INVISIBLE INK: Find two pieces of paper and put one over the other. Now write something with a pencil, applying as much pressure as possible. The bottom sheet now has the secret message. Shade it gently to read it!

CREATE A CARDBOARD ARCADE GAME: Grab some cardboard and any art supplies you have to build a playable game for your family. Think SkeeBall made out of boxes!

CALL AN ELDER: Call a grandparent, a neighbor, or a friend of the family to check in on them and make their day. Maybe tell them a joke!

ROSE, BUD, THORN: Describe your day to a family member with one thing that fits each category, including something positive (rose), something hopeful (bud), and something challenging (thorn). Take turns sharing.

PAPER AIRPLANES: Try folding paper into airplanes without a model. Then look up different techniques. Which ones fly the farthest?

LETTER OF APPRECIATION: Practice your writing skills by writing a thank-you note to your favorite teacher. Include a drawing, too!

DRAW YOUR FEELINGS: Find some markers and paper and turn your emotions into art. What color is joy? Sadness? Boredom? Love?

LOVE ALL AROUND: Color paper hearts and cut them out. Then write messages on each one and place them around the house for your family members to find.

DANCE PARTY!: Listen to your favorite kid-friendly playlist and bust a move!

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