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These breakable cookies unveil hidden messages inside.

Get crafty with these homemade Mother’s Day card ideas

Show your gratitude to a special person by making one of these #MakerMonday cards.

15 more hands-on activities for kids in Pittsburgh

Make butter in a jar, hum a kazoo or microwave marshmallow play dough.

bunny house

Maker Monday: Decorated Bunny House

Surrounded by so much Easter candy, we found a better use of all those empty calories.

maker monday

Maker Monday: String Eggs

Your delicate String Eggs will look pretty arranged in a bowl or hung on ribbons as a reminder of the arrival of spring.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Butter in a Jar

This fun maker activity gives kids a chance to make something the whole family can share.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Balloon Tennis

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to bring sports indoors.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Film Canister Rockets

These rockets are a great way to illustrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Foam Prints

Printmaking at home can be a fun STEAM activity using a few basic supplies and a whole bunch of creativity.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Button Bowls

These Button Bowls add a bit of sparkle and color to the Maker Monday lineup.

spider web

Maker Monday: Sew-It-Yourself Spider Web

Little kids can exercise their fine motor skills by sewing the yarn through holes and weaving a web for their spider.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Paper People

Maker Monday plays with paper this week to create Paper People.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Paper Plate Marble Run

Here’s a new way to play with marbles and experiment with gravity.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Colored Macaroni

Kids have been making macaroni crafts for generations. With this week’s Maker Monday project, part of the fun is dyeing the macaroni as the first step.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Cardboard Kazoos

Little music makers can throw a parade with this week’s Maker Monday project, Cardboard Kazoos.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Calming Sensory Bottle

When over-excited kids are in need of a chill pill, reach for this Calming Sensory Bottle.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Ice Boat Racers

This outdoor Maker Monday activity — Ice Boat Racers — helps cool off energetic kids with an icy splash.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Best Bubbles

Summer and bubbles are a natural fit. We pulled together three of our favorite bubble-related Maker Monday activities to take advantage of outdoor play.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Yarn Art

Yarn Art is a fun way to learn about colors, develop fine motor skills and explore creativity.

maker monday

Maker Monday: Nature Treasure Bag

Whether your outdoor adventures take place in neighborhood woods or on sandy beaches, it’s always helpful to have a Nature Treasure Bag on hand.