How kids can help following the Squirrel Hill tragedy

The Tree of Life shooting affected our entire community.  As we all continue to deal in different ways, we can help by teaching our children how to help others in […]

What you need to know about safe sleeping for babies from Cribs for Kids

“Our mission became clear – to provide cribs to babies whose mothers could not afford them and educate mothers about the dangers of unsafe sleep environments,”

adoption books

These 9 books for kids honor Adoption Month with comfort and understanding

Sharing these stories is a fine way to begin conversations about a child’s identity.


What do you want to be when you grow up? CCChampions helps kids with cancer envision a future

“It was amazing to see their eyes light up when they shared that they wanted to be a dancer or a hockey player and everything in between.”

Common Sense Media

Everything you need to know about Fortnite

The Fortnite frenzy seemed to come out of nowhere. With its sudden success, you might be wondering: What’s it all about — and is it OK for my kids?


Kidsburgh Q&A with WHAMglobal founder on maternal health symposium

When a woman asks for help, you have to treat her knowledge of her body with respect.

Is your school safe? Read this new report to ensure a healthy environment for your kids

Parents can take control of their schools, too. Each of the points in the report offers a “call to action” to address the issue. 


Kidcast shares silly Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat safety

Here’s how to ensure your kids have a fun and safe Halloween.

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How to talk to kids about sexual harassment … before they even know about sex

Young children have a hard time understanding abstract concepts. But you can begin to teach them about what they see and hear on the news.


Learn the dangers of e-cigarettes for your teen from this Kidcast episode

E-cigarettes and vaping are more harmful than most teens realize.

Magee Prize

Expect breakthrough research on women’s health from $1 million Magee Prize

“This bold initiative has the potential to change the course of women’s health and, in turn, humankind.”

mindfulness garden

Kidsburgh Hero: Dr. Tumuluru and her Mindfulness Garden

The garden is a perfect place for taking a moment to breathe and calm down, which helps the body reset.


Worried about family finances? This Kidcast report will help

Stretch your food bill with dietician Leslie Bonci’s five recipes for dinner on a budget. They’re quick and easy too!

Girl Scouts aims to give young girls ‘safe, supportive space’

“The all-girl environment really gives them that safe, supportive space where they are free from the social pressures of a co-ed environment.”


Help your kids nurture friendships with this Kidcast advice

Friendships can make or break a child’s school experience, but it’s a lot more complicated today when you add in social media.

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School year screen-time rules – from a teacher

“I’m not just a teacher: I’m a mom who struggles with screen time, too.”

Kidsburgh Kidcast

Energize your kids with this Kidcast nutrition advice

Learn how to fuel your kids so they have the energy to do their best. 


Grab-and-Go breakfast in schools promotes that all-important morning meal

“This is a winner in so many different ways. When you think about kids and think about their needs, this is an obvious one.”


Kidcast dispels concussion myths surrounding group sports

Get the brand new recommendations from the CDC on concussions in kids

common sense media

What to ask when your kid brings home a school-issued device

Your kid’s shiny new school-issued device can introduce a whole new level of parenting in the digital age. Common Sense Media has answers to help.