Phipps’ Homegrown program cultivates backyard gardens in food-insecure Pittsburgh neighborhoods

“We found that the average Homegrown participant shared produce with nine people.”

Mental health is a back-to-school priority for kids of all ages

Consider these helpful notes on mental health and social-emotional wellness from the “So Now What?” back-to-school series.

9 things to do with kids this week in Pittsburgh, from RADical Days to bumper cars

Rain or shine. Indoors and outdoors. Little kids and teens. We’ve got covered.

Dragon’s Den builds kids’ confidence and focus through rope course in former church

The rope course can be navigated in different ways, depending on the level of challenge that the kids choose.

Celebrate Black Girls Equity Month with Gwen’s Girls and the #seethebestinme campaign

“We believe in Black girls’ strength, resiliency and leadership skills when nurtured.”

Co-parenting between exes can be tough. This Pittsburgh couple goes public with a podcast, ‘You Mad, Bro?’

“I wanted to take this negative experience and transform it into something positive.”

Should you read your kid’s texts?

Dos and Don’ts for sneaking a peek at your kid’s phone. 

10 creeks around Pittsburgh worth the trip

The area is rich with amazing creeks to wade in, dunk your siblings or find salamanders and crayfish hiding under rocks.

Damon Young: Why I’m not going to give my kids ‘The Talk’

“As well-intentioned as “The Talk” is, it only provides our kids with a false sense of camouflage.”

6 ways to support kids’ mental health right now

As the pandemic pushes kids’ lives even more online, their mental health depends on parental support — and a lot less anti-tech talk. 

From toddlers to teens: How to help your kids get a good night’s sleep

“Sleep is like a bank account — you only have so much to withdraw.”

New family hotline dials up support for pandemic-worn Pittsburgh families

Partner organizations joined forces to streamline aid for the 24/7 hotline.

What you should know about cyberbullying: It’s on the rise amid the pandemic.

Kids are almost always one step ahead of their parents in terms of technology.

Homeless students in Pittsburgh find relief from Hope Through Learning Awards

Some of the backgrounds of award recipients are heart-wrenching.

5 signs of screen overload – and how to handle them

From poor sleep to headaches, signs that it’s time for kids to take a break can take many forms. 

Kidsburgh Heroes shine during the pandemic, from a RipStik marathon to art commissions

Some of the best leaders to emerge during the global pandemic have been kids.

Getting Children Tested For Coronavirus Is Not That Easy Or That Simple

Getting kids tested for coronavirus is not that easy or that simple

Many people want to get their kids tested for coronavirus, whether it’s because they want to visit with grandparents, or they traveled out of state and the kids need negative […]

Connecting Champions matches kids with cancer to mentors in their dream jobs

The organization asks young cancer patients: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Pittsburgh kids fight the stigma of mental health with a powerful peer-to-peer program

Through the Stand Together Against the Stigma program, students and teachers are seeing the culture of their schools change,

A parent’s ultimate guide to Messenger Kids

Under the right circumstances — and with plenty of oversight — Messenger Kids can help young kids connect. But is social media OK for this age group?