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Be My Neighbor Day recruits and celebrates family volunteers

Kidsburgh Staff
April06/ 2019

Who knew better than Fred Rogers the importance of being a good neighbor? “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” promoted the idea of helping others in every episode.

Today’s generation of kids learns those lessons from the animated “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” In a special “Neighbor Day” episode, Daniel sees how one kind act can lead to a chain reaction of kindness.

That’s the idea behind the family volunteer weekend offered through WQED’s Be My Neighbor Day on Saturday, April 13.

Families can sign up for volunteer opportunities for all ages, neighborhoods and time commitments, from snack bag assembly at Heinz History Center to beautifying the Zoo. Kids might enjoy washing a firetruck, cleaning a playground, playing games with seniors or making greeting cards.

“Family volunteer projects give busy parents a chance to spend time with their children while giving back to their community,” says Paul Siefken, president and CEO of Fred Rogers Productions.

Click here to browse through volunteer options and sign up for one or two for your family team. Thank-you bags and goodies will be handed out the volunteer sites.

Kidsburgh Staff

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