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Bayer Science Stage is new stage in Science Center’s stage capabilities

June20/ 2011

The stage is set for more years of science education on the Carnegie Science Center’s stage, thanks to Bayer‘s sponsorship of the newly dubbed Bayer Science Stage.

The Center will continue to use their 300-seat auditorium for lectures, shows and presentations.

“Bayer’s relationship with the Carnegie Science Center is a perfect fit,” says Bayer spokesperson Katie Kirkpatrick. “The Carnegie Science Center is connecting people with science — so does Bayer. We’re dedicated to educating the next generation of scientists.”

Bayer also sees the opportunity now to use the venue for public policy forums it holds for employees, as well as employee town halls. It will also use the stage for its own science education program, Making Science Make Sense. Volunteers from this program, who until now had conducted some experiments in classrooms, will now have the opportunity to conduct them with students on the Bayer Science Stage.

Bayer’s support also created a new Making Science Make Sense educational kiosk in the Carnegie Science Center lobby. It is the second such facility in the area, matching an existing kiosk at the Pittsburgh International Airport. The interactive sites offer kids the chance to explore such questions as “Why does a hockey puck slide so quickly?” and “Why does an ice cube float?”

Writer: Marty Levine

Source: Katie Kirkpatrick, Bayer

Image courtesy of Katie Kirkpatrick, Bayer