9 things to do with kids (at home) this week in Pittsburgh, from a dance party to a magic show

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Experts say child abuse numbers are likely to be higher during coronavirus outbreak

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7 things to do with kids (at home) this week in Pittsburgh, from meeting Dumbledore to junk mail inspiration

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GMA hosts Pittsburgh midwife and her ‘Lean on Me’ performance at Magee

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How to be resilient during times that try your family’s mental health

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Take a fascinating tour of the teenage brain with Pittsburgh researcher Dr. Beatriz Luna

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Pittsburgh’s Leandra Mira speaks for kids on the need for an Earth Day climate emergency declaration

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day seemed like the right time to come together to take serious action and declare a climate emergency.

8 things to do this week with kids (at home) in Pittsburgh, from spin art to hockey drills

Discover your inner rebel, jump into STEM or make time for music.

Are your kids anxious about coronavirus? Dr. G is here to help

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Pittsburgh school districts are finding innovative ways to support kids during coronavirus closings

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Pittsburgh’s tech community and nonprofits partner to get laptops to kids

“Bridging the digital divide is just a start. … We encourage others to join us.”

9 things to do (at home) with kids in Pittsburgh this week

Time to play, learn and create, from learning a technique from Andy Warhol to bedtime stories from Dolly Parton.

Common Sense Media launches Wide Open School, a free online resource

A group of 25 organizations came together and raised their hands to help.