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Sledding in North Park. Photograph by Kate Buckley.
Sledding in North Park. Photograph by Kate Buckley. | Show Photo


Ellis rules the region in Scholastic arts competition

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Visual arts students in the Ellis School took home more than 10 percent of the recent regional Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards -- and art department Chair Sara Sturdevant is not surprised.

"We're lucky," she says. "The school was really supportive of the program. I feel like the school does a great job of treating the arts like a regular subject. The arts are integrated with the school. Kids are encouraged to take part in it, whether they are 'arty' or not. "
Ellis has 171 students in grades 7 through 12, who were eligible to enter the annual contest, and 60 submitted works, resulting in 100 awards. They submitted sketches and paintings, clay sculptures, digital and black and white photography and digital videos.
Scholastic received 2,000 entries from 952 students across the region, and awarded Silver and Gold Key Awards, honorable mentions and their American Visions Award, which goes to the best work in any single category or age group. One Ellis student, Sophia Sterling-Angus in grade 10, was nominated for one of only five American Visions honors for her short video. She was nominated for a work of art last year as well.
Of the 524 honorable mentions, Ellis students earned 41. Thirty-seven of the 376 Silver Keys went to Ellis, and 22 of the 242 Gold Keys. All Gold and Vision awardees will be competing in the national competition in New York City in March, and those winners will be displayed in a May show in that city.
"We're just a little school, so we're mighty proud of that," says Sturdevant.
These Ellis regional winners will be honored at a Feb. 24 ceremony and exhibition at LaRoche College:
Claire Akers, grade 10, Honorable Mention
Laila Al-Soulaiman, grade 12, 3 Honorable Mentions
Camille Allen, grade 11, Silver Key
Lauren Baker, grade 10, Honorable Mention
Emma Bisello, grade 7, 2 Honorable Mentions
Noori Chishti, grade 12, Honorable Mentions
Evie Clark, grade 11, Silver Key
Marie Concilus, grade 11, Silver Key
Eleni Contis, grade 11, 2 Silver Keys, 2 Honorable Mentions
Abby Cox, grade 11, Honorable Mention
Lucille Crelli, grade 12, 4 Silver Keys, Honorable Mention
Houston Curtis, grade 10, Gold Key
Karina Dandashi, grade 11, Honorable Mention
Nadia Dandashi, grade 8, Gold Key, Honorable Mention  
Julia DiPietro, grade 11, Honorable Mention
Lauren Drake, grade 9, Gold Key, Silver Key  
Ana Eberts, grade 9, Gold Key
Alainna Edwards, grade 12, Silver Key
Brittany Ellis, grade 10, 2 Gold Keys
Alexandra Foster, grade 10, Silver Key
Kate Foster, grade 8, Silver Key
Carley Fritsch, grade 11, Honorable Mention
Evely Geroulakos, grade 7, Honorable Mention
Annie Gordon, grade 10, 2 Silver Keys, Honorable Mention
Mackenzie Haney, grade 10, Silver Key
Heather Harrington, grade 10, 2 Gold Keys, 2 Silver Keys
Eliza Jimenez, grade 11, Silver Key
Madison Kalson Kalson, grade 12, Honorable Mention
Suzanne Kazar, grade 10, Gold Key
Breatrice King, grade 10, 2 Honorable Mentions
Shae LaPlace, grade 12, Silver Key
Talia Leshko, grade 9, Gold Key
Mary Lynch, grade 11, Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Carolyn Manuck, grade 11, 2 Gold Keys, Silver Key  
Maeve McAllister, grade 11, Silver Key
Zoe Merrell, grade 10, 2 Gold Keys, Silver Key  
Pallavi Muluk, grade 8, Silver Key
Sruthi Muluk, grade 10, Silver Key
Caroline Muse, grade 12, Gold Key, Silver Key  
Olivia Muse, grade 9, Silver Key
Emily Oblak, grade 12, Gold Key, 3 Silver Keys,  3 Honorable Mentions
Claire Priore, grade 10, Gold Key
Korryn Resetar, grade 10, Silver Key
Anna Elaine Rosengart, grade 8, Honorable Mention
Dayna Rouse, grade 9, Silver Key
Shauna Runco, grade 7, Honorable Mention
Lizzie Shackney, grade 12, Honorable Mention
Ashna Shome, grade 11, Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys
Andrea Stepney, grade 12, Honorable Mention
Sophia Sterling-Angus, grade 10, Gold Key, Silver Key , 2 Honorable Mentions, American Visions Nominee
Helena Sturdevant, grade 7, Honorable Mention
Sarah Thornton, grade 12, Honorable Mention
Olivia Turer, grade 11, Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Natalia Valdes, grade 11, Honorable Mention
Emily Walczak, grade 11, Honorable Mention
Jaisa Watkins, grade 12, Honorable Mention
Emily West, grade 10, Gold Key
Erin West, grade 12, Honorable Mention
Emily Wolfe, grade 9, Gold Key, Honorable Mention  
Yiqing Zhang, grade 10, Honorable Mention
Writer: Marty Levine
Source: Sara Sturdevant, The Ellis School
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